Research & Development

Innovation is the key for Growth and Sustainability of any business, especially in plastic processing. MAK Polymer Consulting believes in strengthening of R&D activities to innovate new composition and application of plastic materials to meet the demand of market. Without Innovation no company can either sustain or grow in the competitive market. Therefore, MAK Polymer Consulting provides you with all kinds of Research and Development Support (RDS

Only following four categories of Innovation are supported by MAK:

Novel Innovation

Novel Innovation creates new products for a new market and value chain and eventually disrupts an existing market. MAK will be your partner in this disruptive journey to develop a completely new market or application. We will analysis your strength of current resources i.e. production capacity, machineries, manpower, technical expertise, marketing network, customers, logistics etc., determine new market needs, challenges and capabilities, set up target markets, application and products, follow up defined short-term and long-term actions together with your team to reach the defined goal. Estimated duration of whole process is from 6 months to 2 years.

Growth Innovation

Growth Innovation is based on existing market & application. New values are added to existing products to generate further growth in business. Growth Innovation delivers fast response to the market demand. MAK provides support through small individual projects based on your strength in product and market. These are usally mid-term projects and last from 3 to 6 months.

Reinventing Innovation

Reinventing Innovation is solely based on cost optimization of existing products for existing market & application. MAK will be your partner to optimize cost of your products through optimization of formulation, reduction of number of RM and their suppliers. Reinventing Innovation is usually conducted as small individual short-term projects. Time duration of such a project is usually from 1 to 3 months.

Operational Innovation

Operational Innovation focuses in solving technical problems of an existing product for an existing market and application. The formulation and processing conditions are usually checked in detail and a very fast solution is proposed based on available RM and resources. Operational Innovation is conducted as small individual projects. Usual duration of such kind of project can be from few hours to few months. We will not only advise you but also attend trials and tests.