Recruitment & HR

MAK Polymer Consulting supports hiring managers to find a RIGHT candidate for ONLY highly skilled plastic professionals with higher academic degrees (Masters, MBA and PhD). Only one recruitment consultant having academic and professional backgrounds similar to the role profile supports hiring managers to appoint RIGHT professionals, so that (s)he fits not only to the role accurately but also fits to the company culture and group chemistry very fast and stays long with the company. We value a personal approach to find a talent.

Therefore, we focus only following positions:

  1. Application Development Scientist/Engineer/Manager and similar
  2. Technical Service Manager/Engineer/Scientist and similar
  3. Business Development Manager (commercial and technical)
  4. R&D Scientist/Chemist/Engineer/Manager
  5. (Key) Account/Sales Manager
  6. Marketing Manager

Our service includes:

  1. Write-up of a job ad and role profile
  2. Online promotion of job ad
  3. Searching for candidates
  4. Primary selection and interview
  5. Analysis of preferential behaviour at work via personal profile analysis (PPA)
  6. Reference Interviews

Please send us your inquiry to Mrs. Tanzina Rahman ( We will come back to you to discuss your requirements and to find a right solution for you.